15th August 2018

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In its 14th year of existence as South Africa’s longest-running television drama series, Generations can proudly claim to have not only survived political and social changes during this exciting period, but also to have evolved in tandem with our nation from the birth of its democracy in 1994 to the present time.

At the ‘ten-year watershed’ of democracy, Generations complied with broadcast channel SABC 1’s decision to reposition its own brand identity to target a younger market. In late 2003, Generations repositioned in terms of writing, production, management and artists. Old storylines were interrogated, revisited and adapted where necessary, new storylines were created, and new talent was identified in all aspects of production.

Generations took this opportunity to redirect its appeal to a younger “Ya mampela” audience, without ignoring the loyal fan base that has followed the storyline faithfully over the years.

The story universe has shifted from an advertising backdrop to that of a broader media empire.

Generations is the brainchild of Mfundi Michael Scott Vundla. Mfundi spent several years in exile in the USA where he studied scriptwriting as well as film production in Hollywood. On his return to South Africa in 1993, Generations was commissioned by CCV-TV, the fore-runner of SABC1.

Back then Mfundi used to hang around his brother and his colleagues, who established the first black advertising agency. Later, he joined forces with well-known independent director/producer Friedrich Stark , and the series was created through their mutual design.

Well-told rivalry, treachery and blackmail are the ingredients that have made Generations one of the most forceful dramas South Africa has ever produced. Suspense, intrigue and tension are the order of the day as the plot unfolds and romance influences relationships between warring parties from rival companies.

In 1993 Generations started with a weekly dose, on Friday nights at 9:10pm. From April 1998 it was screened four nights a week, and since April 2002 the series has been broadcast Mondays to Fridays at 8:00pm, realising one of Mfundi’s long-held hopes that “Generations will be aired daily”.

On the 31st of March 2006, the series broadcast its 2000th episode, and in 2004 it celebrated its 10th year of broadcast, together with the country’s 10th year of democracy.

2004 is also the year in which the series repositioned itself in order to stand the test of time for another decade.

Generations endeavours to continue providing its fans with top local entertainment.

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