1. References to Morula Pictures includes its associated and related bodies corporate as defined by South African Corporate Law.
  2. The Work is submitted to Morula Pictures for the purpose of consideration by Morula Pictures of the acquisition of rights in the Work, investment in the development of the Work or the exploitation of the Work in film or television (purpose).
  3. The Releasor warrants that the Work is original, that it is the owner and author of the Work or holds all necessary rights, title and interest, (including copyright) in the Work for the Purpose. If the later is the case, the rights held by the Releasor are described below in section 10 as a special provision.
  4. The Releasor has not assigned any right or interest in the Work to a third person and will indemnify Morula Pictures against any loss or damage arising out of any use of the Work for the Purpose.
  5. The Releasor acknowledges that Morula Pictures acquires, has access to or may create or hire independent literary or dramatic works and ideas that may be similar to or identical with the Work in theme, plot, formal or in any other respect. The Releasor agrees that the Releasor is not entitled to any compensation or to take any action because of the use by Morula Pictures at any such similar or identical material independently created by Morula Pictures or any other source.
  6. No confidential relationship is established between the Releasor and Morula Pictures by the submission of the Work to Morula Pictures.
  7. The Releasor releases Morula Pictures from any liability for loss or damage to the copy of the Work submitted to Morula Pictures. The Releasor has retained at least one copy of the Work.
  8. The Releasor has the understanding that Morula Pictures may read and comment on the Work in reliance on this release and that in the absence of this signed release Morula Pictures will not read the Work. No obligation or commitment on the part of Morula Pictures is made by this document.
I agree on the submissions release terms and conditions.